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Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning... are you ready? #Giveaway from @Shutterfly

So, it's Spring... what does that mean to you?  To me, it means cleaning... ridding the home of old/unwanted items, and bringing in fresh new decor to fill the home with color!!

I know at my mom's house, she goes through everything, and get's rid of anything she hasn't touched in the last year.  It's like she totally redecorates, but really, it's just a few key decor items.  That really makes all the difference!

It can be something as small, as taking away a bookshelf, and putting a large print in its place.

So we all know that Shutterfly does pictures.  But... were you aware that they also do home decor?
I didn't!!  They've really expanded their products... so now that it's Spring, and time to change things around in your house, go and check out some of the great new products they have available!

Here are 2 that I absolutely love:

Their new Canvas Print Designs- fresh layouts for life's special moments.  These canvas prints are one of a kind.  Use them to show off anything...your wedding photo, your child's birth or any other favorite moment.  Many sizes available, all the way up to 24x36!  That's 2 feet by 3 feet!!!

I also love their new Decorative Wall Decals - from a transportation nursery to a space shuttle theme, they've got every room in your house covered.

Here are some other's that I'd love to have...

   I bought a great photo book for
my husband  for Christmas... this would
be a GREAT way to show it off!!!
Personalized Growth Chart Decals
 I've got a 7yr old... what can I say!!!    

So what does Spring mean to you, for your home?  Could it be a full home makeover, or just giving your home a 'touch up' with new pictures, or something else special?

Well... if any of the above is true, you'll want to enter this giveaway!!

Shutterfly, the biggest name in online pictures, is sponsoring this amazing giveaway!!  You can win a 5x5 Photo Gallery Acrylic Block (plus shipping)

Ready to WIN???

Shutterfly is ready to ship you a 5x5 Photo Gallery Acrylic Block!!

Want to check out more Shutterfly items?  Want to follow them, because there are some great products & promotions coming up!!!
Well here's everything you need:

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