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Saturday, March 16, 2013

My second Liebster Award in a week!!!

That's right... my SECOND Liebster!  Wow...it's pretty cool, that there are other blogs out there that read & like mine!!!

My liebster award

So this time, Claudia, from Pretty Little Dahlia (a great blog, dedicated to her BEAUTIFUL daughter, Dahlia) nominated me!  This is an amazing thing...to be nominated by a blog that I read & love...

For those of you that don't know... liebster is a german word (this info came easy from my husband through my squealing... he spent several years in Germany as a kid, since he was a military brat.)
If you look up liebster online, you'll get many different meanings... from favorite, to darling, to sweetheart... it can be difficult to really give a good definition.... However, I dug up this little gem, on how this award started: (from webb weaver, a book review blog)
What is the "Liebster Blog Award?"
It’s an award that was reputedly started in Germany in order to give smaller bloggers recognition for their hard work. You receive this award from a fellow blogger that feels your blog is both worthy & important to them. 

Well according to that site, it looks like the 'rules' have changed over time, probably to adapt to the needs of bloggers. Apparently then, it was traditional to nominate 3-5 bloggers, with a following of under 300. (by the way, the following count is usually the GFC, since that is actually following the blog itself... it's hard to go by twitter, since that's following tweets... everything else is of it's own, except GFC...that is solely about the blog itself.)

So here goes!!!
First, the rules:

Now...my 11 facts:

  1. My husband and I just celebrated 11 years on Feb. 18th
  2. I asked my husband 'out' on a napkin.  Yes... a napkin
  3. I met my husband through his brother, Lennie.  Through the years, he was like a brother to me.  when he passed last year, it broke my heart.
  4. I don't wear makeup.  really... pretty much ever
  5. I have psoriasis.  And it sucks
  6. I have a second blog. I use it to vent... I don't really share it.
  7. I have a third blog, where I (intend to) post pictures of the jewelry I make.
  8. oh... yeah.. I make jewelry.  Beaded mostly, but I love to do wire wrapping.
  9. I work for my mom's business too... I'm a third gen gardener.  Yup.. mowing, weedeating and blowing...that's me!!
  10. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.  (so did Hermione!!!)
  11. I grew up in a 6 bed/2 bath/4story house. They're building an apartment building there now.  There are at LEAST 150 apartments...probably more.  I'll post a picture & story one day.

And of course, the 11 questions us nominated few were asked:


1. Why did you choose to start blogging?

Honestly, I've had my blog for a while.  At first, I used it when BzzAgent asked us to post something on our blog. So I did.  But this past Nov, I started entering giveaways, and WINNING LIKE CRAZY!!! (check out my Pinterest board about it!  I've posted about half of what I've won) So I kinda figured, hey, it's fun to win... It would be fun to give things away too... I can do this!

2. Which is your favorite blog post so far that is in your blog?
oh gosh... I have quite a few, but right now, there are 2 that I can't stop reading... first is lost and tired (you can find both on my blog roll) it's written by a father of 3 boys with Autism.  
The second, is the funniest blog.. it's 1000 reasons why I'm a bad mom.  Really, it's so hard not to relate to this gal!!!

3. What is your goal for your blog?
Honestly, I really want to be one of those 'big time' blogs, that everyone looks to.  I think I'll know that I've made it, when I get those AMAZING products to review & giveaway...you know the ones... a fridge, a trip, etc.  

4. Do you have a favorite blog(ger)?
Gosh... not really... I've made SO many blogging friends...  I couldn't name one.

5. What do you look for in blog in order for you to start following it?  
Relatability and honesty.  I don't want to read how your children are perfect, how they never act up, how they don't ever do anything wrong.  I want to know that your like me. That you've had your "feel like a horrible mom' moments, that your kids had a tantrum, that you want to rip your hair out sometimes...  I want to relate to you.  I want to know that I'm not alone!!!

6. What is the technology gadget that you cannot live without?
My cellphone.  Period.  The ONE time that I left home (to take my husband to work) without my phone, was the ONE day that my car (alternator) decided to stop... at night.. on the freeway... without a coat...with a short, cute, no back top.  It was HORRIBLE!!! I was so freaked out!!
A guy in scrubs stopped first (bad horror flick!!!) and offered me a ride... there was NO WAY I was getting in his car.. He didn't have a cellphone.  I asked him to take the next exit, and call my mom.  He left.  A while later, a gal stopped (so great!!!) and she had a phone.  I called my husband, and my mom (she was on her way...the guy actually went and called her!!!)
And just after she left, a state trooper pulled up (safety, thanks!!)  but he COULD HAVE LET ME SIT IN HIS CAR TO KEEP WARM!!!!!!
Anyway, mom came just after that, and we called AAA (note to you... AAA is VERY cheap... like $30/year or something... it's SMART to invest in this... ) oh.. and the nurse? He stopped BACK BY to make sure I was safe. 

7. Do you have another hobby other than blogging? What is it?
I make jewelry.  I LOVE wire wrapping.  I'll post about it soon.

8. What is your favorite book or movie of all times?
Favorite movie is Flight of the Naviagator.  Wanna hear something funny?  My husband, who's nearly 2x my age (he'll be 59 this year, I'm 33) loves this movie too..it's one of his favorites also!

9. What are some of your favorite foods you love to eat?
cheese!!  ;)  I love pastas... I'm Italian, so pasta is the hit!  I also love Lumpia (I'm also Filipino) and there's a restaurant around here called Yasukos.. I LOVE THEM!!!  Oh. and bbq... if your ever in Seattle, you HAVE to go to Home of Good BBQ on Yesler!

10. What is one of your pet-peeves? Nose pickers in public.  EEWWWWWWWW  Yes...even though your in your car, I SEE YOU PICKING YOUR NOSE AND IT'S GROSS!!!!!
Oh..and boys who pee on toilet seats.  EVERY time my son goes into a stall, you'll hear me say "In, not on"  (Yes, my son goes in the womens bathroom with me.  I DO NOT trust these icky men around here.... not after what happened to that 11yr old boy in Albertsons.  My son will be going to the womens restroom for a while.  I don't care what you think!)

11. What are you most proud of and why?
My children.  I'm proud to be a mom.  My 14yr old is THE MOST polite child you will meet. I'm not just saying this because he's my son either.  I promise you, if you ever met him, you'd think he was raised by a queen... he's amazing!!!
My 7 yr old, even with his special needs, is an amazing boy. He's SO smart. He's twice gifted.  (look it up) When he was 4, he tested off the charts intellectually.  They literally could not test further, their tests couldn't go any higher.  At that age, he was 6 years and 11months smart.  
Right now, he's reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

My 11 nominees (taking a break and going to sleep now... this will be a feat in and of itself!!!)

  1. The Little Things Journal
  2. Living the Best of Life in my Dreams
  3. Nade Nade Limonada
  4. A Front Porch View
  5. My Moms A Whack Job
  6. A Moms Point of View
  7. Green Mountain Couple
  8. Four Little Thiiiings
  9. Raspberry Beige
  10. Lady Unemployed
  11. Life With RA is a Pain

And Finally... my 11 questions:

1. Favorite Movie?
2. One wish. Any wish.  What is it?
3. How old are you?
4. Are you willing to be facebook friends with other bloggers?
5. Do you enter giveaways to win, only to help other bloggers, or not at all?
6. How many giveaways have you WON this year? (2013)
7. Kids?  if yes, how many...if no, do you want them?
8. You see something on another blog (you don't know the blogger) that you feel is an 'ethical' violation. What do you do?
9. Do you have any other awards?
10. As a blogger, are you willing to share your review contacts with others? (provided it's ok with the client)
11. Favorite memory as a child.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Following you back and thanks for the nomination on the award! :)


  2. Thanks for the nomination, I'm excited and working on it, it is taking me a little longer than I thought due to my health but I will get it on there :) Have a great weekend and thanks again for thinking of me!


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