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Monday, March 25, 2013

Last Chance For This Great Deal!

Will your child be in Summer Camp???

Think back to last Summer... What did your child NOT come home with?
Their coat? Check
Their lunchbox? Check
Both Gloves?  oops...
Their waterbottle... that's gone too...

You say to yourself... Jeez... my kid lost a bunch of stuff...
It happens... and not just at summer camp!

Do a google search of "lost and found" and you'll find HUNDREDS of schools that have "come visit our lost and found" on their websites...
That's because SO many parents assume their kids will come home with their stuff, but the
reality is, that kids loose things.  If the item isn't labeled, then guess what, if you don't diligently stop by the school often, your child's clothes stay there.. and one of 2 things happen.
They get donated SOMEWHERE
Another kid ends up wearing it!

From now until 3/31, you can get  a great discount on their Ultimate Camp Pack simply by joining their awesome newsletter. That's it!  No hoops, no red tape.
No first born.

I've done plenty of research on labels, because I have a boy.  Not just any boy, but a boy's boy... the kind of boy who comes home in a new pair of pants with a giant hole in the knee..
the kind of boy who's shoes get scuffed before they make it out of the box.
In my searching, I've found plenty of companies who provide a similar service.
So I'm here to tell you WHY Lovable Labels is better
Let's look at the Ultimate Camp Packs.

$39.95 for 150+ dishwasher and microwave safe, washer and dryersafe, bleach safe, uv resistant,sunscreen safe, and waterproof
$38.88 for 108 sunblock and waterproof 

It's obvious to me!!!
THAT is why this is a great deal!!!

Want to get in on this great deal? Of course you do!
All you have to do is sign up for the Lovable Labels newsletter.
You'll automatically be notified of their newest products & promotions, and be eligible for these amazing discounts!!!

What is the Ultimate Camp Pack?
It's a label for everything!!

The Ultimate Camp Pack includes:

15 Sticker Labels

These are PERFECT for labeling lunch containers, water bottles, baby bottles, sports equipment, school binders, etc
40 Slimline Labels
These labels are ideal for thinner items, like your child's special pencil (my son's Transformer's pencil is labeled with one of these!!!)
You can also use them on toothbrushes, pens/pencils, hairbrushes, toys, school supplies, electronics, travel items, etc. Older kids and adults love these!
12 Shoe Labels
Press N' Stick Clothing DOTS72 Press n' Stick Clothing DOTS™
No more shirts, pants, gloves, hats, coats or scarfs gone missing!!!
These are made from high quality, durable material with the added protection of abrasion guard and are colorful for easy identification. ------------------------------------------------------------------
2 Mini-Metal Tag 
Made from a lightweight aluminum and come with complimentary ball chains. These tags are ideal for back-packs, duffle bags, diaper bags and luggage.

12 Square Labels
Use them on everything from toys, video games, books and binders to water bottles or a laptop! ------------------------------------------------------------------

ONE MORE THING...  For my readers, you can save 10% off your order, by using my special code
That's right...10%!

So don't wait... This great offer ends on March 31st...Go sign up for their newsletter now!!

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