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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just Because


This one is "just because"  but the originators post is about the Oscars.  I don't watch them.  This is not because I don't have cable (I don't) nor is it because STUPID Comcast changed to ALL digital, which means I can't even watch the local news anymore (yes, they suck!!)  It's because they're incredibly long, and to be honest, I haven't watched (nor heard of) 90% of  the movies that the win for.  I have tnetflix, which means that I get to watch movies many months to a year late.  This is fine with me though.

That said, I found this video on another blog, and just HAD to share it with you!!

And in case you wanted to see the 'fall' they're talking about (so you don't have to go find it!!)

here's a picture of it too.  ;)


So there you go...   Be sure to check out Northern Belle Diaries and Confessions of a Northern Belle, the hosts for this hop!!


  1. I actually did want to see what that fall was all about. Thanks Athena

  2. lol I watched the fall on youtube poor girl she must have been so embarrassed but she sucked it up and took it on the chin. I really like her.

  3. I heard about the fall, but that's it. I just don't get the Oscars any more, and the host was of no interest. That is really weird about comcast. I hope they eventually get that worked out.


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