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Friday, February 8, 2013

Diary of Stink Dog -book review

I recently recieved a book to review, Diary of Stink Dog! by Elaine M. Phillips.

Follow along with Stink Dog, as he discovers why he is so different then his eleven litter-mates. Is Stink really half-poodle and half-pig? Discover the explosive truth about Stink Dog! Stink also uncovers his own top secret abilities! Guaranteed to jump start your smell detectors! Created to attract new readers to the magical world of imagination and creative learning. Great for all ages. Guaranteed to burst into laughter! Fun for the whole family. Beware of sudden explosive giggling to follow!!  I read Diary of Stink dog to my 7yr old, who bursted with laughter at every mention of fart (and there are quite a few.  I opted to read it to him, since while the subject itself lends well to his age, plenty of the words and descriptions were a bit old for him.  He did try to read it, but that didn't work well.
Diary of Stink Dog is about a dog/pig (dig? pog?) who realizes that because of his 'mixed dna' he has what is termed a "fart shield" that he can use to protect himself and his yardmates.  Stink doesn't remember much about his past, and a 'dream' he has had has him wondering about his past so much, that he's willing to do anything to find out more.  Eventually he finds "burp boy" who explains to him where he came from.  He talks about the fart competition, and how 'Bully' didn't want him to win.

Phillips writes:

"Stink, you were born with a unique stink sheild. The power generated from your fart gas could potentially create a new kind of energy.  Further study and research about how your fart fission is released, will entail the splitting of the nucleus of a single fart atom to understand your farts real potentials.  Your farts could potentially release enouth smelly energy to power the world for millions of years!  If somehow we could learn how to contain and control one of your farts, then the worlds energy needs may  be within reach." 

This was by far my son's favorite page, probably because fart was mentioned so many times.  While he did not by any means understand the text itself, he still found it amusing.

In all, it has a great story line.  It does have some errors (spelling etc) and some of the discussion is a bit advanced for it's target audience, but I think most kids would look past that, and enjoy it just for the number of times "fart" is mentioned.

Interested in reading it for yourself?
Check it out on Amazon!  You can also find it on her website.
Elaine M. Phillips has authored quite a few children's books.  Read more at ebooksforthefamily.com

I received a copy of Diary of Stink Dog! in order to facilitate this review.  No other compensation was provided.

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