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Friday, January 18, 2013

Find your kid's coat in the lost and found..again? Not with Lovable Labels! Review & Giveaway

How many times has your child's lunchbox or coat ended up in lost and found at school? No more! Iron on and stickers labeled with your child's name from Lovable Labels makes those nighmares gone!
I was lucky enough to be allowed to review these labels, which I can only term as AMAZING!!

Lovable Labels offers personalized, durable labels and tags. They developed these quality labels that are durable and beautiful.

These lables are waterproof, dishwasher AND microwave safe, washer and dryer safe, sun safe, bleach safe, sunscreen safe and finally, temperature safe!!!  From Mulit-purpose sticker labels to shoe labels and clothing labels, Lovable Labels makes sure you're covered!!!

Lovable Lables has several different types and sizes, for every item you own!!

They offer:
  • Regular labels for books, binders, sippy cups, tupperware, sports equipment and more
  • Slimline labels (smaller versions of regular labels) for school supplies, toiletries, hairbrushes etc
  • Square labels for larger items.  These are perfect for large toys (my son's scooter!!)
  • Fun stickers- these nurture your child's individuality and tackle chaos at the same time.  Being unique and organized is as simple as choosing your favorite colorful design.  These shaped labels come in fun designs such as cupcakes, dinosaurs and so much more!

My review...

First, I was a little apprehensive... I have a boy.  Not just a boy, but a boys' boy.  Not even just a boy's boy, but a Special Needs boy's boy.  So he's like 3 7yr olds in one, wrapped in a Special Needs blanket.

So I just assumed, that like any other label sticker I've tried, they'll come off, they'll wear down, they'll be peeled off and discarded.

I received each of the different labels described above for my review.  I put them on EVERYTHING, so that I could see what worked where, and what didn't.

I put labels inside his shoes, right on the tag that's in there (vs the cloth) and they've stayed fine.  My son's feet sweat quite a bit (calling for the need for 2 pairs of socks) and we haven't had any issues with them peeling or unsticking.
*see below

I put one on the backside of the tag so it wouldn't rub, causing unnecessary friction.  As of yet, this label shows no sign of wearing down.
I put labels on his coat, in 3 places.  First, I put one on the backside of the tag (the one with laundering instructions.) so it wouldn't cause unnecessary friction.
Then I put on on the inside flap of each pocket (see below)
There is another child with the EXACT same coat at his school (same grade even!) and I wanted to make sure that if his coat ever got put down outside, they'd know who's it was.
His coat was the real test of all the labels, and so far, none of the labels have come off even in the slightest!!
*see below

We put labels on his school supplies. Specifically, his flexible ruler, pencil box and class folder, as well as his communication folder for his Special Ed. teacher.

My son L.S. has put a lot of stickers on the back of his android tablet, and rather quickly, they all start to peel away.  I put a Lovable Label on his tablet, and not even the corner has peeled up.

The labels on his books all stayed well, and since we have several colors to choose from, we can color coordinate them based on the reading level of the book and whether he can take that specific book to school or not.

I must say, that I am really surprised and very happy at the quality of these labels.  That we can keep them on L.S.'s things, just goes to show they really will work anywhere!!!

So my thoughts are: These really work, and I'd highly recommend them for ANYONE who's tired of loosing a shoe, a book gone missing, a folder that's lost, lunch box in the lost & found or sippy cups left at the park, only to wonder, was this mine??

These labels really work well, and under the high-pressure conditions of my son, that's an amazing thing to say.

This is a product that every parent should have, and I for one, will be buying them for my other son, and perhaps, myself too!!

You can also find these other great label items from them: (I did not get a chance to review these, but if the one's I did are any indication of the quality, they're worth your time too!!)

  • Press n' Stick Clothing Dots
  • Iron-Ons
  • Allergy Alert Labels
  • Original Bag Tags
  • Mini-Metal Tags
  • Medical Wristbands
  • Vital Id Wristbands
I've secured a discount of $5 off any $25 purchase or more, through Feb 28th, 2013.  Simply visit Lovable Labels and use my special code Friendship28.

*These labels are not meant for shoes or clothing, I decided to try them out on his coat & shoes to see how they hold up.  They offer specific labels & tags for shoes & clothes.

Finally... Want a set for your own?  Well now, you can!!  Lovable Labels has authorized me to run a giveaway, offering you, my wonderful readers, a personalized set for yourself!!!

Check out the GIVEAWAY and enter now!!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. These are really neat! I'd love these for when my son starts preschool in the fall!

  2. I love these labels! I need to get some for my daughter before she starts school this fall.

  3. I like the square labels in Pretty. These are a great idea!

  4. I like these http://www.lovablelabels.ca/product/zipit-tags/ and the iron on clothing lables

  5. I'm glad that the labels hold up under all sorts of conditions and stay STUCK!

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