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Thursday, December 20, 2012

There's a Frog in my Tummy- By Nick Warren {Review}

Maisie refuses to eat all her meals. Mum warns her that she will awaken the frog 
that lives in her tummy.

“Maisie, don’t you know? There’s a frog in your tummy! If you don’t eat you will 
wake him up and then there will be trouble,” said Mum.
“That’s silly,” said Maisie. “Frogs live in ponds, not in people.”
“You’ll see,” said Mum.

While Maisie is at school she finds out what waking this little pest means.

A funny bedtime story with colourful, bright and appealing drawings.

I had a chance to read There's a Frog in my Tummy, to my 7yr old this morning. He chose to listen to me read this book INSTEAD of watching Spongebob.     Now that says alot!

As I read it, the first thing that I noticed, was that he was very attentive. My special needs son, listening quietly to me read. The second thing I noticed was that he thought it was very funny, as evidenced by his infectious laughter.

The book itself is quite clever, with a very important message intertwined.  

I asked my son what he thought of the book. He said that it was funny and good. He said that his favorite part was
"Ha ha, Maisie has gone potty, " said one boy.
and it's accompanying picture of Maisie's tummy.

He also really liked the castle picture. (She made a castle out of her mashed potatoes, peas and carrots.)

All in all, it's a really cute and funny story with great pictures and a message all parents try to get across to their kids...
Eat all your food!

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Please stay tuned, as I review his other 3 books!
There is no better way to spend time with your children, than to read to them.
I enjoy reading books with my son daily!

Thank you to Nick Warren, who allowed me to preview his e-book, There's a Frog in my Tummy, in exchange for this review.
No other compensation was provided for this review.

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  1. I love the picture! The frogs dancing are so cute! Sounds like a great read that my kids would enjoy!


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