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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Afrin- Stick Up For Yourself!

So I received my Afrin-Stick Up for Yourself bzzkit at THE perfect time. Everyone in my household is sick!! Since my son has to start school again (after a long Thanksgiving hiatus) I decided that it was most important for him to get better, so we tried it on him first. We first checked each nostril (TMI?) to see just how stuffed they were. His left was nearly unusable, while his right was about half cleared. I used the Afrin that came in my Bzzkit, deciding that since he'd never used a nasal spray before, we'd only do one spray, as a 'test'. About 3 hours later, nothing had changed. I figured, well lets try it again. I took it out of the box, and noticed that the spray had gathered at the bottom of the sprayer. While trying to clean it, the brown CAP popped off... Don't I feel silly!!!! (OK, in my defense, there isn't anything in the instructions that says "remove brown cap" AND my head is stuffy from this cold! So after a very long laugh, my husband says, let's give it to him again... then he laughed again. (Are you laughing at me too?-I can hear you!) Ok...so I checked my son's nostrils, AGAIN... they were about the same, except the left was so stuffed that he could barely move air. I gave him 2 sprays in each nostril. By the time I'd cleaned the sprayer, put the cap on it, and put it back, my husband had exclaimed "WOW-check this out!" I thought something was wrong, so I rushed to my son. To my surprise, my son's right nostril was COMPLETELY clear... even more surprised, we could BARELY hear anything coming from his left. Within 2 minutes, my son went from barely being able to breathe from his nose to being clear. I'm hoping to make a video of this phenomenon, and post it to show just how fast this works! Honestly, I've never given much weight to nasal sprays in general...mostly because they've never worked all that well for me. This has TOTALLY changed my view (at least, on Afrin) and I am a believer!!! You need to know: I am a BzzAgent. This means that I get to try things cheap or free, in exchange for an honest, open review, and some great word-of-mouth conversation. No, I don't have to say that I like something... I just tell it like it is. This review is ONLY related to BzzAgent, and are not for any other site, company or otherwise.  I was given a free product to try for this review.


  1. dont feel silly I didnt know to remove the cap at first eithier. I like the honest and the words you have used for the review

    1. Thanks Chelsea! Isn't it amazing that they didn't mention it in the instructions? Thank you!

  2. I am definitely going to have to get this for my hubby..he is always stuffy..darn allergies


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