Saturday, October 23, 2021

MANSCAPED Is at it again!!!


Its that time of year, and MANSCAPED has chosen us to review their goodies.  So excited!!

This is by far the best system to trim up the short and curlies on my husband.  Perfectly close without being "smooth" is his desired effect, and he gets it, every time.  

Here's some products they have for us this year. 

I cannot WAIT to show you what we get to try!!!

1. The Lawn Mower 4.0 by MANSCAPED

The fourth generation groin and body trimmer features cutting-edge ceramic blades to reduce grooming accidents thanks to their advanced SkinSafe technology.

Exactly what you expect.  Better than any clipper system we've found.   Granted, he uses it almost exclusively on his face (there was this "mishap" that happened 20 years ago, when I groomed him DOWN THERE.  He felt it was a bit... Short.  😜 So to this day, he's really... Partial to his curlies staying...long. 😂 

My husband has a disorder these causes his facial hair to turn inwards on a CLOSE shave. So the length you see, is what's "safe" for him. 

However... I can assure you... It looks GOOD in person!!! ❤️ 

2. The Weed Whacker by MANSCAPED

Proprietary SkinSafe technology helps reduce nicks, snags, and tugs.

Ok, so yes, this is for men. Technically.. But its sweet for that errant nose hair women get too. Just saying. 

Stocking Stuffers by MANSCAPED

1. Refined Cologne by MANSCAPED

A clean and fresh scent designed for the K9 refined gentleman

All I can say is OMG I WANT TO EAT HIM. 

I'll leave it at that. 😂 

2. Shears 2.0. by MANSCAPED

Luxury 4-piece nail kit featuring tempered stainless steel tools including:

I spend plenty of time grooming his nails.  After 30 years in the Arts, his nails are... Funky. He used to do this thing where he'd push his fingers in rocks or something. It ruined his nails.  

So this set really helps to clean them up on the regular. 

3. Foot Duster foot deodorant

Say goodbye to stinky foot funk with the Foot Duster deodorant spray

Mmmhmm.  I won't say anything here.  You already know. 😁

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I work with the US Family Guide in conjunction with different companies to bring you the best the world has to offer. 

All opinions given are my own.  All reviews are 100% real.  I do not get "paid" to leave a "good" review. 

I get items, free, to give them my HONEST opinion.  And honest... They get. 😂 

Stay tuned... My review on these products is coming soon!!! ❤️ 

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