Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Does Your Child Ride The Funky Yellow Bus?


When my son started preschool (ECEAP) 2 years ago, we could NOT get him to ride the yellow bus.  It's not because it's the huge one with lots of kids, because he rode the 'little yellow bus" but his anxiety was so great that he couldn't get himself to get on it.  Of course, his anxiety was so great that he wouldn't go to school by himself either, but that's an entirely different post.

So what did I do?  I did what most parents that can, would... I rode the bus with him.  It didn't take long, before he was willing to ride it by himself.

Now, 2 years later, I walk him out to the bus (he's still on the little yellow bus, because of his special needs) and put him on it, buckle him in, kiss & hug and get OFF...  Then wave bye.  I am SO grateful for this... (the getting off part!)

I WISH that I'd had a book that would help him understand what to expect...  One just like The Funky Yellow Bus by Robin B. Rosenberg.

Book Description:

Change isn't easy, and sometimes it happens quickly - like when we ride the bus to school for the first time. In the Funky Yellow Bus, young Brookie Cookie might be wary of climbing aboard the first couple days - and her trip to school doesn't come without a couple bumps in the road - but she and her companions transform the experience into a journey of music, fun and, most importantly, friendship. So come along for a ride on the Funky Yellow Bus! It’s full of cool characters, rockin’ good times, and the chance to overcome those nervous moments we all experience.

My Review:

I sat down today with my son and started reading this to him.  I could tell from the moment I read the title to him, that he'd like it... He started giggling at "funky".

The first thing you notice as you read, is that it rhymes.  There is a certain cadence reading it that you really get into.
As I read the first, then second page, my son realized that each page ended with funky yellow bus.  So by the third page, he wanted to be the one to say it.  It was enjoyable, watching him get more and more into the book.

The pictures are bright and colorful and the book is perfect for a child entering Kindergarten, or riding the bus for the first time.

Towards the end, the melody that they speak of in the book (you'll have to just read it!) is there for you in song form.  I started 'singing' it to my son, but he QUICKLY cut me off (what, don't like my singing anymore?  He LOVED it as a baby!) and started rapping the song... Surely not how Robin intended it to be sung, but I'm sure she'd get into it if she heard him!  Want to listen to it yourself?  I found a great video of it being performed!  Check it out below!

In all, this is a brilliantly written book that's GREAT for children with special needs, especially one's with anxiety.  You quickly understand that while Brookie Cookie (the main character) had worries about getting on the bus, she soon found that it was much easier, and funner, that she'd thought.

One more thing I'd like to mention... Robin has written SEVERAL books that are great for children with special needs, getting them to understand and get ready for different experiences.

You can check her out on her Website  and  Facebook.
Want to buy it?  It's available on Amazon!

I give it:


  1. This book sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to trying it out with my son when he get's that old!
    Thanks for a helpful review!

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