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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day With My Family

So my husband has never been one for lavish gifts on Valentine's Day.  In 3 days, we'll be celebrating our 11th anniversary... yes, 11 years.
I don't want lots of chocolate (well... let me rephrase that... chocolate is good...just not a whole box... if he buys it, I'LL EAT IT!)  
For the last 11 years, our tradition is him getting me a stuffed animal.  Then I name it, and I write it's name on the tag.  However, he does not (is not allowed!!!) to get me a stuffed animal on or before Valentines Day.  We're a thrifty family.  I refuse to let him pay full price for some furry fabric and stuffing!
So we wait until at LEAST the day after, depending on what our local store's stock looked like on Valentines day.  If Walgreens had a HUGE stock, we know that they'll go 50% off the first day after, and within a day or 2, to 75%.  We've been lucky in the past, and waited a week, and gotten holiday stuff at 90% off.
So today, we'll go to the store, and pick out a stuffed animal for me (yes, I pick, he pays!) And this works for us.

My son came home from school (3 hours early!!!) with a WONDERFUL Valentine for me... He made it himself, and it is SO cute!  
I'm going to hang in on the wall, since it's got a pocket.
I'll use it to hold the little things he gives me. 

So I decided to do craft night early, and we sat and each made a Valentine for Daddy.
Our Valentine's are actually little books, where we told him why we love him.

Here is my son's to his dad:
"I love my Daddy"

"I love my Daddy because he protects me and mom"

"I love Daddy because he does run and hug"
(this is where dad sits on the end of the bed every day after school, and L.S. runs to him and they fall backwards onto the bed hugging)

"I love Daddy because he tickles me"

"My Daddy is the best Daddy in the world!"

"I love you Daddy because you read with me"

"I love you Daddy because you hold me at night"

"My Daddy is the all time greatest best parent in the world!"

And the one I made for my husband:

To my wonderful husband,

"Why do I love you" is something you ask me often.  I love you because...

You are an amazing dad to L.S.

I also wrote:

You love me when I'm wrong, 
you protect me when I'm right
and your by my side for both.
You are a good man.
Even when you don't think so.

In 4 days, we will celebrate 11 years.
(**can't share this next part.  Hey..it's a family blog!!!**)

You thank me DAILY for our child.  You are the ONLY father in the world who does this.

What's YOUR Valentine's Day like?  Do you have traditions?


  1. That is the sweetest thing!! Your son's card is ADORABLE!! I love that your husband thanks you every day... Every day, REALLY??? Wow...

  2. What sweet Valentines!! I spent all day working, but it was nice to come to my baby boy who was so excited to give me the Valentine he had made for me :)

  3. The stuffed animal tradition is very sweet! As are all the cards!!


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