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Kidecals Kids Labels

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Have you ever heard of Kidecals?  I hadn't, but am excited about it now!  I don't know about you, but I'm tired of my son loosing his things...  a missing glove LITERALLY causes a meltdown. (it happened!)  Of course, I have a special needs child, as you know, so him loosing little things like that are enormously hard on him.  Lucky for me, we found it in the lost and found...but looking at the lost & found at my son's school...  a LOT of parents aren't so lucky!  Right now, there are over 50 items (mostly shirts & coats)  crazy, huh?
Well if you're as tired of it as I am, you can use Kidecals and label their, well, EVERYTHING!  They're waterproof, so you can label their water bottles, books, toys, clothes, and even sports gear (ever lost a cleat!???)  Kidecals are dishwasher and washer/dryer safe!  And they don't leave icky residue, so they don't damage surfaces!

Yes, I said waterproof.  Have you used a sharpie to label your child's coat?  I did once, and I'll NEVER do it again.  Do you know what happened?  He sweated that day, and came home with it not only spread around, but his name was backwards on his t-shirt AND it was on his skin!!  It took a while to get it off him, and his coat (months later) is still smeared. 
Using Kidecals waterproof name labels stops this problem, because they're crazy durable and can stick to pretty much anything.... from clothes (and coats!) to waterbottles, you can put them in the wash cycle and they'll STILL be there!!
I just had a great though... going on vacation?  visiting a friends pool?  Keep your child's swim goggles, swimsuit and pool toys from being someone elses with Kidecals labels!

What else do they offer?  Fun stickers too... For example, the "Partystache"  yes, I said it... Mustache Chalkboard Stickers are a great way to organize your kitchen, pantry or even your craft stuff!  We've got an entire closet with tubs full of craft stuff, and it's hard to find things, even with a piece of tape with writing... Trying to find the right thing at the right time, it's frustrating!  Problem solved with Kidecals!

They offer "chalkboard labels".  These are a great idea... I'm super excited about them.  How many times have you used your printer to print stickers, only to find that they don't stick?
Well you can use these special labels that you can write on, and use them to label what you need.  They are super durable and can go through the dishwasher! 

Here's another problem I've run into in the past... You take your child's bag to the daycare (sippy cup, diapers, wipe container, clothes and a few SPECIAL toys, only to find that something didn't make it home.  Kidecals offers special daycare labels that are, of course, dishwasher, washer & dryer safe and stay put on anything.  You can label everything and guess what?  It comes home!!

Did you know that Kidecals has been featured on THE TODAY SHOW?  Yes, THAT Today Show!!!   

My son will be going to Summer Camp soon... probably not overnights, because he's special needs, but we'll still be sending him with plenty of 'gear' to keep him busy.   I know that I'm always worried about his stuff coming home, I can't imagine the concern of parents who are sending their child to Camp!

Well worry no more.  Kidecals offers Camp Labels!  This is a full set of great labels specially made for sending your child off to camp.  They offer amazingly cute (or cool, for boys!) designs that are durable and waterproof! 

Kidecals is founded by a mom of 2 boys (a woman after my own heart!)  Who fully understands how boys treat their stuff.  This is important, because my son is a rough and tumble type of kid...  and that's how is stuff is treated!

One other thing that I love about Kidecals, is that they offer allergy labels!  That's right... you can label your child's lunchbox with information about their peanut or egg allergy, you can put a bee sting alert label on the outside of their backpack, or a nut allergy label on, well, anything!

allergy alerts1

Now, here's the best part!  Because you're reading this, you get to save 15% off Kidecals labels!!!
Use the promo code bestlabels at Kidecals.
Oh, and you also get

Check out their video to see them in action!

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